E2S Warning Signals, the world’s leading independent manufacturer of audible and visual warning devices, has announced the new ‘D1x’ range of alarm horns, loudspeakers and integrated alarm horn/Xenon strobe warning units. The ‘D1x’ employs the latest electronic technology and acoustic engineering, in robust, marine grade, LM6 aluminium enclosures. Designed to create the most effective warning signals available for use in Class I/II Division 1, Zone 1 & Zone 20 environments, the UL/cULs approved alarm horns and combined units are available with traditional directional flare horns or E2S’s omni-directional radial horns that generate a uniform 360° sound dispersion.

The powerful 117 and 125dB(A) alarm horns feature four remotely selectable alarm stages/channels with positive or negative line stage/channel switching. They provide a choice of 64 alarm tones, including many conforming to national and international standards. Multiple alarm horns, when powered from the same source, are automatically synchronised. This latest range from E2S offers triple cable gland/conduit entries and duplicate terminations enabling ‘daisy-chain’ cabling. The threaded flame path in the termination area cover simplifies maintenance, inspection and installation. Inside, the innovative internal arrangement provides a significant increase in cabling space. 

The 5 and 10 Joule Xenon strobes offer great visibility with light outputs up to 1,000,000 cd. Available in seven colours (Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Magenta, Red and Yellow) the UV stable polycarbonate filter is field replaceable. The PA flare horn loudspeakers are available in 15 or 25W versions; input options include 8 or 16 ohm low impedance and 70V line transformer.

All models are available with power inputs from wide 10 – 30 VDC or 110 – 240 50/60Hz VAC. The D1xS1 and D1xS2 alarm horns, and audible alarm from the D1xC1 and D1xC2 combination horns & strobes, are approved for public mode fire alarm use. The Xenon strobe beacon in the D1xC1 and D1xC2 combination units is approved for private mode fire alarm use. The mounting bracket and beacon dome guard are available in either 304 (A2) or 316 (A4) grade stainless steel.

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