The Vaisala Measurement Indicator MI70 is a user-friendly indicator with a selection of probes for the measurement of humidity and temperature, dewpoint, moisture in oil and CO2. It is ideal for field checking or calibrating Vaisala’s fixed instruments.  

One or 2 probes at a time

Any two probes (or transmitters) can be connected to the indicator at one time. For example, a RH &T probe could be connected to port one, and a CO2 probe to port two. The MI70 can display the measurements made by both probes, simultaneously displaying RH, T & CO2.

Easy-to-use user-interface

The MI70 features a clear graphical LCD display with a multilingual, menu-based user interface. The measurement parameters and units can be selected by the user via the menu along with the logging and display preferences. The display shows measurement trends graphically and numerically. Up to three measurement parameters can be viewed simultaneously with the option to log all the displayed values into the memory, making the MI70 a versatile, portable measurement instrument for helping you to optimize your processes.

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