CamdenBoss continues to lead the market in complete electronic and electrical enclosure solutions, with a comprehensive selection of off-the-shelf housings as well as custom fabricated plastic designs, driven by the customer for a more bespoke option. Whilst 2020 had its challenges, CamdenBoss pushed further to ensure it strengthened their position in engineering solutions in all aspects of the business. The appointments of Mark Russell as Technical Director with 30 years’ experience in high tech industries and medical device manufacture, Nick Branston as Head of Product Development and Danny Pearson as Head of Manufacturing showcases CamdenBoss’ commitment to product development and world-class manufacturing.

With these key members in place, 2021 is set to be a year of growth for both manufacturing and already excellent customer satisfaction.

2020 saw efforts from CamdenBoss to bring manufacturing back to UK shores for new product introductions. This also expanded to legacy enclosures that have been revived and modernised, such as the 2000 Series General Purpose ABS Enclosure and the 1100 Series Recessed Electronics Enclosure. A strong line up of new products have been developed that set the standard for CamdenBoss and its off-the-shelf engineered solution enclosures. This clear direction is set to continue throughout 2021.  UK manufacturing not only helps improve lead times but also provides greater quality control and a refined supply chain. CamdenBoss is also keen to improve on its environmental impact and, by producing many of its core products in the UK, moves towards a greener future.

Pushing the boundaries of what is expected from an off-the-shelf enclosure, CamdenBoss has utilised its 50 years’ experience and its UK engineering team to release market-leading engineered solutions, designed with purpose that tackle everyday issues that product designers and installers face. Examples of this can be seen in the latest product introductions.

Their Hex-Box IoT Enclosure, released in November, redefines the rules of efficiency in PCB manufacture. Its hexagonal shape allows for a variety of connections and air flow configurations, important for industrial electronic and electrical applications. Whilst designed and intended for industrial use, the Hex-Box IoT Enclosure maintains a modern aesthetic, making it suitable for any technology lover’s home or retail environment. When paired with the unique Circular Wall Mount Bracket, it provides an easy install with an easy twist release mechanism.

The Easy Assembly Electronics Enclosure, the next generation universal enclosure, also released in November, has received a lot of interest. This low-cost box offers fast assembly, modern aesthetics and industry changing features, as well as being manufactured in the UK.

2021 is set to be a huge year for CamdenBoss as they prepare for a monumental change in their history and manufacturing capabilities… be sure to keep an eye on their socials and news outlets so you don’t miss the big reveal!

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