Product innovation sits at the heart of the Univolt business ethos and the firm continues to explore new way in which to strengthen its growing cable containment range. During the past six-months and throughout lockdown, Univolt has launched a number of new key products as well as a complete new trunking range.  Steve Davis National Business Development Manager at Univolt describes the firms ongoing product development drive:

“Understanding the changing needs of our customers and developing new products that satisfy demand has always been important to our business, however, we have undoubtedly stepped up our commitment to introducing new key products onto the market during the past 12 months.

“In more recent months, we have seen the launch of our industry leading three compartment dado, SLXL PVC-LSF (Lower Smoke) range as well as the new power pole and PVC cable tray, all of which have been introduced during or post lockdown, in what we recognise as an extremely challenging time for the industry (and society in general). We believed pressing ahead with product development and innovation to remain a priority during this time and sent out a clear and bold message to our customers and our industry in terms of commitment to retaining our promise and supplying in line with demand.

“I’m pleased to say that the response has been incredibly positive. We are now at a stage where we own a complete product range and one that includes what could arguably be described as the safest PVC trunking range available on the market today.

“Whilst a 3 compartment trunking range is not unique to Univolt, we recognise that there are other competitor products available on the market, it is the specification that is the ultimate differentiator which in our case includes PVC-LSF, and so this has been an incredibly exciting development for Univolt that will naturally set us apart.”

Offering a higher ignition point of up to 15% than standard PVC, the halogens contained within the products are released at a slower rate, therefore, smoke release is also reduced by up to 65% in the first four minutes of a fire.

Steve continued: “The SLXL product range has been under development for some time from our headquarters in Austria. Not only does it essentially complete the Univolt range catering for Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat8 and OM3 Fibre Optic cables but it now offers far reaching safety benefits through its slow burning fire resistant properties. SLXL offers customers something entirely different, combining functionality and aesthetics with safety and durability as well as delivering a future proof cabling solution.

“We are already seeing Cat8 being installed within data centres, delivering 2000MHz bandwidth, representing three times more than Cat 6A. Whilst we don’t envisage this having any major impact on the commercial market for the next 12 months, this product essentially future proofs any cable containment system.”

“Safety has and continues to be the most pressing element when approaching any electrical installation. With relatively little price differentiator between PVC and PVC- LSF, and with very few other manufacturers offering this specification, we see this as an easy choice to make.”

The introduction of SLXL effectively completes the Univolt cable containment range reinforcing the one stop shop ethos with supporting wire basket systems, including quick fit accessories.

Steve added: “We recognised the need to introduce this latest generation of cable management system in response to the needs of our electrical wholesaler customers. The wholesaler is keen to offer as much choice as possible to today’s installer whose requirements are based around speed of installation with the latest product features to distribute advanced data cabling through differing environments. We’re proud to have taken this approach a step further.”

The firm is also one of only a handful of companies to offer a PVC cable tray, a move that has taken place only in recent weeks. This product has been developed specifically to meet the needs of aggressive or coastal environments, providing a lasting and durable cable containment solution.

Steve explained: “ We have long supplied wire basket but are now offering a PVC alternative where this type of material is better suited to a more harsher environment.”

The PVC tray utilises corrosion-free and UV stabilised properties which provide ultimate protection against coastal and corrosive environments, guaranteeing a long and lasting product life.

Steve added: “Not only does the tray deliver the perfect properties to meet this type of environment but it is also lightweight and therefore easy to handle and transport as well as being simple to cut to length, therefore saving time and cost on installation.”

Our latest aluminium white power pole (PP2WT), introduced onto the UK market earlier this year, has been designed with an adjustable telescopic arm for ease of installation. The power pole sits at 3.5m and is extendable up to 3.95m, with the option of an extra extension kit (PP2EXT) at 2.5m, offering an overall  height of 6m.

With the majaroity of buildings now having to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), we have launched a range of products incorporating a ‘light grey lid’including our new power pole, 3 compartment SLXL-LSF and bench trunking, enabling a 30% contrast between a white trunking and white socket, for those with impaired vision.

Steve continued: “For us creating the ultimate and complete cable containment range remains our driving force. Whilst we continue to introduce products that are also available via other manufacturers, certain products are more bespoke and unique to Univolt.

“Building a range that meets the need of every specifier or contractor, in any project or environment remains our end goal. We are undoubtedly leading the way in safe trunking solutions in terms of fire prevention, and this will continue to set us apart however we understand that some customers are keen to continue to focus on the more traditional lines and so we must also offer this in response.

“There are more products under development from our headquarters in Vienna and we look forward to making further announcements this year and into 2021.