Foremost Electronics, the engineering-led Essex based importer and specialist distributor of electromechanical components, has a wealth of experience supplying components to designers and manufacturers of automation systems and machine builders. Key components in this market include rugged and reliable HMI solutions including emergency-stop switches and status indicators, secure rugged and flexible cable entry systems and connectors.

The IDEC CW switch range offers designers stylish, compact and space-saving switches and pilot devices. The innovative two-step locking lever integrated with a guard provides a higher level of safety, and the low projection hight from the panel surface reduces the possibility of unexpected activation or operator damage. The CW series add a sleek and stylish image to any panel with black or metallic bezels. The shortest depth behind the panel in its class contributes to reducing machine and control panel size. Up to 6 direct opening NC (normally closed) contacts rated at 10A are available per switch with the choice of black and metallic bezels. Options include illuminated push buttons, push buttons, pilot lights, selector switches and key selector switches.

To ensure operator safety and prevent damage to equipment the IDEC E-Stop Switch XW Series  includes revolutionary new technology that has changed the way E-Stop switches are designed. This “safe break action” concept provides greater levels of human safety and is the first of its kind in the world. The “safe break action” design, found only in the IDEC products, reverses the energy direction and uses the spring-pressure to assure that the NC contacts will open if the emergency switch is damaged or the contact blocks separate due to excessive force. The NC contacts will reliably open, even if they are welded, and stop the machine. Combined with IDEC quality, this is the go-to E-Stop switch for any life-threatening situation.

For clear indication of the status of a machine, factory automation or industrial system the IDC LD6A SignaLight Towers offer new concept and innovative, ergonomically designed system for instant visual and audible status recognition. LD6A SignaLights combine the latest LED technology with IDEC safety technology. The stylish design includes an LED lens shape providing visibility in all directions. 5 different mounting styles, custom arrangement of LED units and a powerful alarm which can easily be heard in noisy areas.

Secure, rugged and flexible cable and pipeline entry system are key for installing, upgrading and maintaining industrial systems and Foremost can supply a wide range of entry systems from market leader icotek. The IMAS CONNECT is a modular designed grommet system for mounting circular connectors, keystone jacks, push-pull connectors, hose fittings, pressure compensation elements and much more. By utilising a modular adapter system, the split icotek cable entry frame becomes a hybrid system allowing pre-terminated and standard cables or hoses to be routed.

The icotek EMC KEL U 24 is a split cable entry system for routing cables with connectors and provides an IP54 / UL type 12 rating. The cable entry system is easy to install and provides routing, sealing and strain relief for cable diameters from 1 to 35 mm. The KEL-U 24 frame has the same cut-out dimensions as standard 24-pin industrial connectors, is fast and easy assembly, offers high cable density, and strain relief according to EN 62444

For secure power connection to machines and industrial equipment Foremost offers the Neutrik powerCON TRUE 1 TOP. Suitable for heavy-duty and harsh environment applications This lockable, ruggedised and sealed power connector features IP65 protection and UV resistance according to UL50E. It is made from high impact UV-resistant materials, rated to 16A and it also features a unique cable retention system.

Emma Kempster, Key Account Manager, of Foremost Electronics, comments;” Industrial automation systems and machine building require high quality and rugged components to ensure reliable operation over long periods of time. Safety of operators and protection of machines from damage are also critical design considerations. Foremost have been working with machine and automation system designers for many years and have an unsurpassed range of HMI, cable access and safety components which greatly simplifies our customer’s sourcing process.