Market leader in the development and manufacture of large integrated critical power systems – Socomec’s – latest addition to its range of energy efficient Green Power 2.0 modular UPS solutions – is the Delphys Xtend GP

Designed specifically for large Data Centres, the Delphys Xtend GP provides a complete and scalable high performance system that can be built-up in power blocks of 200KW up to 1200KW. The simple Cable In / Cable Out (I/O) architecture simplifies upstream and downstream switchboards. This flexibility allows more effective use of capital, as the system power can be matched to current demand, allowing investment in new power blocks to be made only when it is required.   

As the system has been designed to allow the power blocks to be hot-swappable, if required, the load can be fully protected by on-line double conversion during system extension or maintenance.  Manufactured in Europe, this prewired system has an individual Socomec switching system for each power block enabling easy and safe coupling and disconnection.

Andrew Wilkinson, Managing Director, Socomec UK explains: “Delphys Xtend GP is an exciting addition to our range as it combines all the efficiency benefits of the Green  Power 2.0 technology with the simplicity of I/O architecture and the scalability of a modular system.

We believe Delphys Xtend GP is going to bring many benefits to large datacentre operators both in terms of more effectively managing initial capital investment and reducing on-going operational costs”.

To learn how the Delphys Xtend GP could help your organisation, contact or call 00 44 1285 86 33 00