Tridonic has launched its second generation Tunable White systems consisting of two to six linear or area LED modules and corresponding DALI DT8 LED drivers. Covering the entire colour temperature spectrum from 2,700 to 6,500 K, they have an extended dimming range down to 3 percent and, together with appropriate control components, provide the hardware basis for human centric lighting.

The new Tunable White systems (SELV) fit in first-generation non-SELV housings and offer even better quality of light, high visual comfort and unprecedented colour consistency.  This combination is of great benefit for offices, shops, educational establishments and healthcare facilities as the right light can be produced for any particular lighting application. Preconfigured kits are available comprising two to six LLE or QLE Premium LED modules and associated low-profile DALI DT8 drivers in 50 or 100 W versions.

The colour temperature can be infinitely adjusted between 2,700 and 6,500 K via a sophisticated calibration algorithm in all the possible combinations. This means that the natural changes in daylight can be simulated and matched precisely to the lighting task. The luminous flux remains constant at all times. The system can also be dimmed from 100 to 3 percent, exclusively via amplitude modulation and there is therefore no dimming flicker. The colour location that has been precisely defined in the kits is retained at all dimming levels. Even for areas with a large number of luminaires fitted, the light will have a homogeneous appearance. The high quality of light is reflected in the high colour rendering index of Ra > 90 and colour consistency corresponding to MacAdam 3.

The driver is equipped with colourSWITCH and switchDIM so the colour temperature and dimming level can be easily changed using two buttons. This is also possible from a momentary-action switch or smartphone via basicDIM Wireless. A selection of predefined colour temperatures and dimming levels are available at the touch of a button. The kit can also be operated from a touchpanel. The integrated DALI interface enables the kit to be easily connected to central light management systems.

Depending on the version, Tunable White modules LLE G2 PRE (24 x 280 mm) deliver a luminous flux per module of 700 or 1,500 lm, and tunable white modules QLE G2 PRE (270 x 270 mm) a luminous flux per module of 1,250 lm. While LLE modules have an efficiency of up to 112 lm/W, QLE modules achieve up to 136 lm/W.

With its improved technical specifications, carefully designed control technology and impressive flexibility, Tridonic’s Tunable White systems meet the growing demands for lighting that can be tailored precisely to the requirements of different situations to enhance the well-being of users. The systems specify a life of 50,000 hours and provides a five-year guarantee.

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