BAG electronics has launched ZITARES intelligent and ZITARES 360 software, an innovative system that offers flexible control of LEDS.  ZITARES intelligent links together hardware and software for the first time to enable the LED ECG to be individually co-ordinated to each luminaire. 

The core of the intelligent ECG is a microcontroller that optimises the luminaires in conjunction with optional sensors for a wide range of applications.  All parameters are configured with the new ZITARES software which integrates seamlessly into the development and production process.  Offering a variety of function options, ZITARES intelligent also offers maximum safety and, with its smart interface communication, ECG data can be programmed and easily monitored.

ZITARES intelligent incorporates ZITARES 360 intelligent software for free programming of microcontrollers in the control units, which can modify parameters precisely according to requirements.  This increases the luminaire performance as well as allowing the development of genuine unique features for new products.  With constant luminous flux for the operating duration to independent and individual control of the two output channels, the ECG has the flexibility for use with a wide variety of luminaires and applications ranging from linear to free standing luminaries.

ZITARES intelligent incorporates a wide range of features which include power control with integrated DALI interface and two output channels.  Thanks to the independent control of both output channels, warm-white and cool-white can be mixed to achieve different colour temperatures. ZITARES intelligent is also dimmable via phase cut-off and can be linked to sensors for daylight dependent control.  

Overheating is practically impossible due to system thermal protection.  ZITARES intelligent also allows LEDs to age without affect to the human eye as the luminous flux is automatically compensated for by the ECG that continues to offer constant brightness and therefore longer luminaire lifespan.