Do you want to print labels or markers directly and flexibly at the location of use? 

Phoenix Contact’s new mobile printing system has now made this possible- you can now print marking materials at your desk or on-site as they are needed.


  • Mobile thermal transfer printer
  • Integrated Clip Project software
  • Touch-screen user interface
  • Independent energy supply with up to seven hours operation without mains power
  • Change material or ink ribbon in under 10 seconds
  • Can print more than 600 different types of material
  • Can also be connected to a PC to print directly from Clip Project at your desk


  • Handheld device for shrink sleeve, labels and non-adhesive material
  • Connection to Clip Project software
  • Stores up to 20 marking projects
  • Can generate 12 different barcode types


For more information about the new mobile printing range, visit Phoenix Contact’s website: