Integrated power specialist, Socomec, launches the latest additions to its range of single-phase UPS equipment.

Andrew Wilkinson, Regional Managing Director, Socomec comments; “At Socomec, we understand that power quality is vital when optimizing the performance of critical electrical equipment and systems.  Whether managing the assets of a global corporation, or building business continuity by guaranteeing the performance of computers, servers and network equipment, mitigating against costly downtime and inefficiencies brings tangible economic and operational benefits.

The ITYS E Mini Tower UPS – available from 1 to 10kVA – provides affordable and reliable protection for sensitive IT and electrical applications.  Based on Socomec’s market leading true online double conversion technology (VFI), the ITYS guarantees high availability and total load protection.  Ideal for professional workstations, industrial automation, telecoms and security systems and banking ATM systems, the compact tower system is easy to install and maintain.

Socomec’s new NETYS RT single-phase UPS rack system – available from 1000 – 300 VA, is also based on Socomec’s true online double conversion technology (VFI), filtering out all disturbances to and from the mains power supply, ensuring maximum protection at all times.  Providing a complete solution for IT infrastructure, it’s wide range of communication protocols make it ideal for VoIP communication and video surveillance systems, servers and networking devices and switching and storage applications. 

Completing the latest range extension, the Socomec NETYS PR is a versatile, convertible high performance single-phase UPS, available from 800 – 3000 VA.  Based on VI “line interactive” technology with AVR, sine wave, the units are ideal for protecting small servers, networking devices and peripherals.  The sine wave inverter technology guarantees full compatibility with any kind of load and power supply.  Tailored to IT networking, the unit can be installed within standard 19” rack cabinets.

With an additional battery super-charger, both the NETYS RT and PR are not only simple to install but also easy to use, integrate and manage.

To understand how your organisation could benefit, please contact the Socomec team: