Reliable thermal protection is critical for machinery or equipment that is operating at extreme temperatures.  Failure at either very high temperatures (often in industrial processes) or at extremely low temperatures, such as was recently highlighted by the storage.

Figure 1 Heraeus Cryogenic C-Series

Requirements of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine, can have devastating effects.

ATC Semitec are the UK distributors for Hereaus Nexensos, world leaders in the development and supply of platinum film sensor technology.  Heraeus are experts in manufacturing temperature sensors which can operate at either extremely high or extremely low temperatures.

Our Heraeus thin-film, cryogenic C-series Pt100 and Pt1000 RTD elements can happily operate down to -196°C which is more than adequate to cover most “low temperature” cryogenic applications.  The recent world-wide approval of Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine has rapidly increased the demand for vessels capable of storing and transporting vaccine at -80°C and below.  Heraeus C220 (Pt100) and C420 (Pt1000) platinum sensor elements easily cover this temperature range and give peace of mind in this or other temperature critical, medical process or aerospace applications.

Similarly, if your product operates in the region of 600°C~900°C, then Heraeus H-series high-temperature elements can sense and regulate your heater, furnace or exhaust gas sensor application.  Again, the PRTD’s core characteristics of high precision, longevity and long-term stability further endorse their use in these high temperature applications.

In tight space designs with typical lengths of 2mm, Heraeus manufacturers a range of high temperature PRTDs with their HDA420 (Pt200) capable of operating up to 900°C and intermittently to 950°C.  These H-series sensors are typically supplied to the automotive, laboratory and process technology markets.

Heraeus’ most exciting new innovation is the H540S micro heating element which again operates happily up to 850°C.  This miniature thin-film heating element (5 x 4mm) is very stable and can be used to give a precise, controlled heat source in medical or laboratory instruments.  They can also be used to add extra heat input in additive manufacturing processes.

ATC Semitec is their UK distributor and we can offer you extensive technical advice, commercial support, samples and UK stock holding.  Our friendly but knowledgeable approach will ensure that you get the best fit for your application.

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