E2S has further extended its ATEX Approved BEx explosion proof range of sounders with the introduction of the Belltronic, which faithfully replicates the sound of the traditional electro-mechanical bell. Bells are still widely used throughout the world, although the reliability, performance, maintenance and running costs of electro-mechanical warning devices have become an increasing concern. With a maximum output level of 107 dB @ 1m, the Belltronic surpasses the performance and effectiveness of the outdated electro-mechanical device it replaces. A volume control enables the output to be matched to the protected environment. It is continuously rated, operates from 24VDC and 115 or 230VAC, the inrush start-up and operating current consumption is low, it requires no maintenance and is sealed to IP66/IP67, enabling it to be installed in the open or in dusty or wet environments.

The Belltronic uses the latest in SMD class D amplifier technology and digital to analogue conversion to generate the extremely realistic bell sound. The sound is evenly distributed using the new BEx output horn design that turns the sound through 90 degrees into a radial, omni-directional pattern without reducing the unit’s sound output levels.

E2S has more than 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing a comprehensive range of sounders, beacons, loudspeakers, voice alarms and disaster sirens for the oil & gas, hazardous area, industrial and marine markets.

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