HellermannTyton’s new ‘Q-Series’ open-head cable tie range provides one of the world’s fastest products in its field, says the global cable management specialist.

“Independently approved testing – including blindfolding installers – showed more than a 25% time-saving when applying multiple Q-ties compared with standard products on the market,” said Manufacturing Product Manager Richard Rands.

“The unique patented head design allows for a quick and simple fastening, particularly under difficult circumstances – for example where gloves are worn or where access to the application is restricted.”

Another significant user-related benefit of Q-ties is the pre-locking function that enables cables to be temporarily fastened before being permanently installed. This re-usability factor eliminates the time and cost associated with applying and removing temporary cable ties, therefore maximising the installers’ bottom line.

The Q-Series range of products also includes two-way and four-way self-adhesive or screw fixing cable tie mounts along with easy-to-read identification tags and adhesive labels, supported by intuitive label design and printer software.

For further information visit www.hellermanntyton.co.uk.