IFM Electronic is now offering its cylinder sensors, in both solid state and reed versions, that are suitable for use in Gas Zones 1 and 2 and Dust Zones 21 and 22. There is a version with an integrated six metre cable to keep connection out of harm’s way.

If the requirement is for Dust Zone 22 alone, there is a choice of units with a short cable and an M12 connector, or a two metre cable. The devices designed for Gas Zone 2 are also approved for Zone 22 and again come fitted with six metre cable.

Features of the sensors include a secure locking mechanism, strain relief, easy single handed installation, and clearly visible LED display for the switching status. All the ATEX cylinder sensors are a snug fit into a T-slot. These sensors can be fixed to common tie rod, integrated profile or trapezoidal slot cylinders. There are also adapters offering extra mechanical protection. In addition to the sensors, IFM offers a range of NAMUR switching amplifiers for Zone 1 and 2 and 21 and 22 sensors.