To enable safe level detection in explosive gaseous and dusty atmospheres, Baumer’s multi-purpose LBFS level switch is now available in three different ATEX configurations. The protective design for the ATEX versions of the LBFS means that versions Ex ta for dust (Zones 20, 21, and 22) and Ex nA for gas (Zone 2) can be used without a Zener barrier because the housing itself already provides all the necessary protection.

The ATEX certifications cover Zones 0, 1, and 2 (gas) as well as Zones 20, 21, and 22 (dust). Quick installation and ease of use is also ensured for version Ex ia for gas (Zones 0 and 1). For this version, Baumer provides the ready for use isolation module PROFSI3 LS which is specially designed for use with Baumer’s level switches LBFS and LFFS. This dedicated isolation module saves users the time and effort of selecting and configuring an additional Zener barrier to operate the sensor.

The PROFSI3 LS can operate with DC voltages from 22V DC to 120V DC as well as AC voltages from 90V AC to 253V AC. The LBFS is based on the frequency-sweep technology, a method particularly suited to precisely measuring the level of solids and powders. As the processing of such materials often creates explosive dust, the new ATEX versions open a range of new applications particularly valuable for typical LBFS users in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The ATEX versions of the LBFS level switch can be adapted to the needs of a variety of applications thanks to a wide range of available process connections including G½”, G3/4”, G1”, G½” hygienic, G½” for reverse assembly, M18x1, and G3/4 NPT.