EAO offer a range of twist to release emergency stop switches (in compliance with ISO 13850, EN IEC 60947-5-1, and EN IEC 60947-5-5), stop switches, and simple stop switches in the industry standard 16 and 22.5mm cut out sizes.

The range provides immediate shutdown in critical situations through safe/positive break contacts, and comes with a service life in excess of 250,000 uses.

There is a choice of either single piece monoblock products with built-in switch elements or those with separate actuators and elements to facilitate different production techniques. The standard connections are plug-in or solder, screw, ribbon cable or PCB terminals.

Popular for heavy duty applications are the Series 04 and 44 emergency stops for mounting in a 22.5mm cut out. The 16mm Series 61 range is well suited for a smaller mounting footprint, and the LED illuminated Series 84, with its short behind panel depth, is more appropriate for handheld equipment. Every device is oil and watertight to a minimum IP65.

A range of accessories are available, while applications include factory and automation, food processing, medical, lifting and moving, and public transportation.