SICK has added the miniTwin 2 light curtain solution to its miniTwin family. The miniTwin 2 incorporates sender and receiver elements in a single miniature housing for continuous end to end field coverage.

The miniTwin 2 units are 120mm-1,200mm long and can be cascaded or daisy chained end to end to 3,600mm without any blind spots. Rapid response times permit safety monitoring with reduced reach distances for operators and therefore smaller machine footprints. Field coverage is continuous between adjacent units without loss of resolution or requiring special mountings or physical protection between curtains.

The units may be configured to protect L-shapes, V-shapes or U-shapes. They are well suited where all round accessibility and visibility is required which is otherwise restricted by fixed barriers. Variable field lengths are possible to suit locations.

Each unit includes both send and receive functions and the in-built controls and LED status indication means any two identical units operate as a light curtain, without any requirement for an extra control unit. This feature allows spares to be stocked as single units rather than in send/receive pairs.

The miniTwin 2 is designed to meet performance level pl ‘d’ according to BS EN13849-1, or alternatively SIL2 in compliance with IEC 61508 or the sector standard BS EN62061.