Inmoco has introduced its new Trombone, from its ELMO SimplIQ Line of servo drives. The drive, which is Inmoco’s most compact PCB mounted DC servo drive to date, operates directly from a mains power source of up to 400V DC or 750V DC, and delivers up to 7kW of continuous power. The SimplIQ Trombone is well suited for integration into any motion system, either single- or multi-axis, providing a motion control unit for use with sinusoidal, trapezoidal and DC motors. Features of the drive include high power density, integrating vector control sinusoidal commutation, advanced filtering and velocity gain scheduling for enhanced dynamic performance, plus CANopen networking and a range of feedback options.

The Elmo SimplIQ technology combines motion control with real time networking capabilities, and delivers a variety of feedback and I/O options and programming capabilities, helping to bring increased precision to a range of automated applications, including robotics, machine tools, packaging, semiconductor production, materials handling, sorting, printing and textiles.

Integrating the Trombone into automated applications is accomplished using Elmo’s third generation Composer software. The Trombone operates with two DC bus options – 80-400V DC and 200-750V DC, with a built-in smart supply for controlling back-up capabilities. It can also operate with a 24V DC auxiliary power supply for back-up features. Feedback options include encoders, resolvers, tachometers and potentiometers, for easy integration into any motion system.