To provide users with increased flexibility, Rockwell Automation has extended the power range of its Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 AC drives to 450kW/700Hp. Featuring advanced diagnostics and a roll-out design, the PowerFlex 755 AC drive is well suited for motor control applications in a variety of heavy industries.

The roll-out capability of the PowerFlex755 allows easy access to the drive for fast installation and maintenance. The drive’s modular design helps simplify replacement of drive components, such as cooling fans, circuit boards and major sub-assemblies.

This modularity also allows the drive’s converter and control pod to remain in the unit while the inverter is rolled-out. The control pod can also be mounted remotely.

Diagnostic capabilities include indication of blown fuses and blown surge protectors, which are reported to the main control to help ease trouble-shooting and also provide protection inside the drive. Monitoring and tracking of operating data on cooling fans, I/O relay cycles and motor run times also provides valuable data for preventative maintenance. An embedded Ethernet port and five option slots allow users to tailor the drive to best suit their application.

The PowerFlex 755 now supports Rockwell Automation Integrated Motion, allowing it to be configured and controlled using motion profiles and instruction sets in an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix controller with RSLogix 5000 software.