The latest generation of Rotronic Intrinsically Safe temperature and humidity sensors and measurement transmitters are now ATEX certified for temperatures up to 85 °C, Zone 0/20. This higher temperature limit makes them suitable for an even wider range of applications and installations where there is a risk of explosion due to dust or gas in the environment. The HygroFlex5-EX Series was developed for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, grain & sugar, petrochemical and oil & gas industries.

Conforming to the latest standards, the HygroFlex5-EX measurement transmitter is galvanically isolated, an intrinsically safe power supply and barrier are not required. Stainless steel interchangeable probes are available for all applications.

Significant features of the Rotronic ATEX Certified HygroFlex5-EX Series

*  Interchangeable stainless steel probes certified for Zone0/20
*  High ATEX certified temperature limit of 85 °C
*  Probe types available for all applications
*  No intrinsically safe power supply required
*  Galvanically isolated, no ‘clean earth’ required
*  Wall and duct mount transmitter versions
*  Two analogue outputs, moisture values available
*  Sensor alarm – outputs can be set high/low
*  Robust aluminium housing, IP 66 rated
*  LC display option with keypad

HygroFlex5-EX Technical Datasheet – click here

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