Safety at work is an essential concern for all professionals. Every year, thousands of work related accidents occur while repairing or servicing industrial equipment. Most of those accidents are due to energy sources that have not been isolated.

Electricity is one of the hazardous energy sources that can be fatal if not well isolated.

Using a lockout device for electrical plugs avoid people to reconnected them into a socket during maintenance or repair.

Electrical plug lockouts are a simple solution for your electrical lockout procedures. Master Lock offers 2 patented rotating models that accommodate a large variety of plug shapes and sizes to ensure that it cannot be inserted back into the electrical socket. The tough, lightweight dielectric Zenex™ bodies withstand chemicals and perform effectively in extreme conditions. The unique design allows for easier installation in confined space applications.

Master Lock recommends using this lockout device with the fully dielectric padlock n°406 and a lockout tag to provide clear identification and inform that intervention is in progress, and that it is not permitted to unlock the equipment.

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