Sensor manufacturer ifm electronic has introduced its new UHF RFID system to ease the problematic issue of product tracking for manufacturers, logisticians and retailers.

The system uses the 865-870MHz band (a 902-928MHz variant is available for the US market). Flexibility comes from the selection of antennae on offer – five in the EU range. The more compact ultra low and low range options will read tags in close proximity without seeing adjacent tags, making them the most selective. A mid-range antenna will pick up data from a tag up to two metres away, while the long range options can read a tag at seven metres.

Based around the worldwide ISO 18000-6C, EPC, Global Class 1 Gen 2, the new system is also capable of bulk reading the standard tags. The information read from the tag is presented through an ethernet TCP/IP standard interface. The software for configuring the system of reader with up to four antennae attached comes supplied with ifm’s DTE800 reader unit.

Further integration into an automated system is made possible by coordinating input and output signals on the reader. Therefore, a read sequence can be triggered by an external event, and sorting carried out directly via the DTE read unit. All units, reader and antennae come housed in industrial designs featuring IP65 and standard industrial connectors. A selection of co-axial leads for the antennae, ethernet patchcords and M12 power and I/O connectors form part of the offering.