Banner Engineering has added to its WORLD-BEAM QS30 family with the introduction of two mid-range adjustable field sensors. The QS30AFF400 foreground suppression sensor and the QS30AF600 background suppression sensor use linear imager technology to provide a sensing solution for multiple industrial applications, including part-in-place detection, feeder bowl control and package detection on conveyors.

The QS30AFF400 sensor offers foreground suppression to deliver detection of target objects varying in colour or shape when a fixed background is present. Conversely, the QS30AF600 sensor provides detection of objects when the background condition is neither controlled nor fixed, and it ignores objects located beyond the sensing field cut-off. The sensing range for all models can be adjusted with a screwdriver potentiometer or via the remote teach wire input. Additionally, the sensors’ visible red LED sensing beam ensures easy sensor alignment.

The QS30AF/AFF models are available in a waterproof, epoxy encapsulated IP67 rated housing, making them suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. The models offer a variety of mounting options, including a 30mm threaded barrel or side mount.