Direct and indirect lightning strikes can cause a great deal of damage to photovoltaic (PV) installations, expensive inverters and building electrical systems. PV installations are particularly at risk as they are usually found in exposed sites and have large collection areas.

To help prevent this the new DEHNlimit PV 1000 V2 (FM) combined Type 1 Lightning current and Type 2 surge arrester from DEHN, protect inverters up to 1,000V DC from these damaging surges. The use of triple clamp terminals on the DC+ and DC- feeds allows multiple strings to be connected to one SPD, which saves space and reduces cost.

Utilising Spark Gap technology the DEHNLimit can safely discharge lightning currents up to 50kA with visual status indication also providing instant confirmation of the arrester status. Models with a remote indication option (FM) are also available.


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