shentongroup has released a series of free case studies geared towards providing those working within a number of sectors with real-life, industry-specific project examples.

The case studies cover industry sectors including; Finance, Healthcare, Telecoms, Manufacturing, Retail, Education, Government, Utilities, Leisure/Sport and Private Properties and explain installation and supply projects in easy to follow, industry-relevant, bite-sized stages.

shentongroup Marketing Manager, Phil Chilton commented: “Here at shentongroup we’re always striving to position our company as the trusted ‘go to’ organisation for all things uninterruptible power, standby power and CHP, and we’ve produced this series of case studies to complement the already rich source of industry reference available through our website”. Phil added: “By documenting industry-specific projects step-by-step, we hope to add real tangibility to our products and services and demonstrate how they can be effectively applied to the specific industries we enjoy supplying”.

Case studies include the application of shentongroup’s Power Call “Power in the Hour” emergency power solution for disaster recovery to a client working in the utilities sector. Another case study examines how shentongroup provided a standby generator solution to an NHS cardiac laboratory in Grampian, and another details the provision of a combined heat and power solution for the UK’s largest water park.

Following a number of stark warnings surrounding potential shortfalls in National Grid reserve power supplies this winter, shentongroup is reporting more and more enquiries from organisations concerned about potential black-outs and subsequent loss of business, the compromising of data and even the loss of life.

Phil Chilton detailed how shentongroup is committed to protecting businesses in advance of winter: “As the National Grid admits to the implementation of what it refers to as ‘last resort measures’ as it tries to maintain continuous power supplies, spare capacity is set to fall to as low as 1.2 per cent this winter. To companies spanning data, security and healthcare, this really isn’t very reassuring and many are turning to shentongroup to help them understand the power options available to them. We hope that our case studies will serve as a starting point for the information required and to discuss their specific organisational requirements, they should speak to a member of the shentongroup team sooner rather than later.”

shentongroup’s case studies can be found here and those wishing to speak to a member of shentongroup’s technical team should get in touch through shentongroup’s website or call 0844 888 4445.