The Tinytag Energy Logger is an effective tool for monitoring single and three phase power usage in facilities with high-consumption equipment. Recorded data can be used to help identify times of peak load, to analyse energy profiles, and to identify power hungry or inefficient equipment.

  • Safe, non-invasive and simple to use
  • Compact and hand-held
  • On-screen voltage, current and power readings
  • Spot checks or longer term recording
  • £795+VAT

It is often easier to look at logger readings than attempt to decipher electricity bills (which are often estimated) or meter readings. The Energy Logger uses non-invasive flexible coils to monitor the current in each phase of a three phase supply, while voltage information may be obtained via a standard 13A wall socket. The logger records data which is downloaded to a PC for straightforward analysis. The unit also records ‘Power Factor’ (PF) data, a measure of power transmission efficiency: this can be significant because power companies typically charge a higher rate for industrial or commercial customers with a low PF.

Bedford Hospital for example is using the Tinytag Energy Logger as a key tool in regular electrical consumption monitoring, which can help identify energy saving measures. For a site of this size and scope, accurate monitoring of power usage and energy efficiency is of ongoing importance. The aim is to ensure that the infrastructure operates within its limits, whilst the site energy profile increases over time due to the increasing use of technology.

Typically, the Energy Logger is employed for electrical monitoring on main intakes or sub-mains, usually for a period of a few days. One of the most common examples is when upgrades are planned or new power using equipment is being installed. The data obtained from the Energy Logger is used to confirm if upgrades to infrastructure are needed or if energy saving measures are to be deployed.

Manufactured in the UK, data loggers in the Tinytag range monitor various environmental parameters including power usage, temperature, relative humidity and CO2.


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