This winter the UK has been hit by some of the most tempestuous weather conditions leaving thousands of businesses and homes without power and many out of pocket.

Following dramatic ‘Battered Britain’ headlines, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the risk to the nation’s infrastructure is higher than ever before and with weather conditions forecast to worsen, the UK’s power network remains under great threat.

It is not just these weather warnings and natural risks to country’s power grid that are hitting Britain but staggering energy costs and increased pressures from the government for businesses to improve operational efficiencies are adding further cause for concern.

However, despite all the negative press that surrounds these issues, the emergency power industry is gradually re-evaluating its approach towards safeguarding the country’s infrastructure to ensure long term, reliable, clean power.

One company already adopting a more sophisticated approach to how we view emergency power is Borri Ltd – the UK’s premiere back-up power solutions specialist.

With the emergency power landscape continuously evolving, businesses have had to rely on specialists like Borri Ltd to deliver forward thinking solutions and service options that will withstand environmental, operational and technological changes.

Addressing the latter, the radical advancements in back-up power technologies have mostly been driven by market demands and the increasing critical need for UPS solutions. Whilst many of these changes have brought undeniable benefits such as enhanced efficiencies and improved resilience, it is important for users to consider the impact on operational behaviour and any knock on affects to other supporting equipment.

As UPS systems become increasingly essential for businesses, users are becoming more savvy about the types of technologies available and more aware of associated hardware such as batteries. Borri Ltd is one of the few emergency power specialists that has continued to invest heavily in its service department in order to provide up-to-the-minute care for not just a wide range of UPS brands but also for ancillary equipment.

This commitment and unparalleled expertise across a vast range of technologies means Borri Ltd is the number one choice for many businesses which require maintenance and equipment tests to be carried out with minimum disruption to day-to-day operations.

Environmental changes are unavoidable so being prepared for as many eventualities as possible is essential to keep equipment in optimum condition. With such tumultuous weather conditions, managing contrasting temperatures is becoming increasingly difficult.

This has meant that power protection professionals such as Borri Ltd have had to implement even more sophisticated design solutions – utilising both leading edge technologies and more advanced architectural strategies.

The company’s sales director, Mark Trolley commented: “Despite the great advances in technology, UPS systems can no longer be considered in isolation when it comes to delivering an emergency power solution. We must now take into account the entire power protection landscape and with increasing demands on businesses to improve efficiencies, it is more important than ever to understand the intricacies of all associated equipment.

“Borri Ltd works with a cross section of design and build contractors and has developed an impressive portfolio of highly specialised projects. Our experience has earned us the enviable reputation of being a total solutions provider, capable of achieving maximum protection and efficiency from all back-up power equipment.

 “We are proud to be the chosen supplier for many leading blue chip companies and have been involved in some incredible pioneering data centre projects. Our understanding of the complete power infrastructure and flexibility enables us to choose the most suitable equipment for the environment in which it will operate and therefore, deliver the most practical, resilient and efficient solutions.”

As changes to the back-up power landscape continue to gather pace, Borri Ltd remains vigilant and committed to helping businesses map out efficient, resilient and future proof power protection strategies. 

The company offers full turnkey UPS solutions, electrical infrastructures, delivery, positioning and SLA driven maintenance contracts to over 2,000 customer sites in a variety of sectors, from academia to manufacturing.

Borri Ltd is an exclusive distributor in UK market of Borri Spa an Italian company specialised in the custom design and manufacturing of power electronics equipments  with over  80 years of experience and multidisciplinary research and development.

Its B9000FXS and B9600FXS range of UPS systems deliver such impressive efficiency credentials that they are listed on the ETPL (Energy Technology Product List). Their ability to deliver long term efficiency gains and proven protective qualities, make these the number one choice for a wide range of data centre owners – from big to small – looking for future operational savings and maximum protection.

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