In 2015 Kärcher UK, the Banbury-based UK division of the world’s leading cleaning technology brand, commissioned the design and build of a huge, brand new headquarters. Given Kärcher’s commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, it was natural that they should turn to CP Electronics for innovative lighting control solutions — and the results have delighted everybody involved.

Founded in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1935, Kärcher began as a supplier of salt bath furnaces, used to temper steel and light metals in industrial settings, before diversifying into cleaning technology in the 1950s. Now, the company is an acknowledged global leader in cleaning tech, providing cleaning devices for home, garden and professional use. The company’s name has become a byword for efficient, effective and innovative cleaning products; so much so, in fact, that Kärcher has been called upon to clean some of the world’s most iconic structures, including the London Eye.

Still a family-owned company, Kärcher has a wholehearted commitment to sustainability and green issues, and since establishing its UK headquarters in Banbury in 1978, has supported many local charities and community initiatives. So when the time came to upgrade and extend its UK headquarters, Kärcher opted to move just a mile from its current base, and to build a brand new, state-of-the-art home that would maximise its sustainability.

The new building is now complete, and provides 84,500 square feet of space comprising offices, an academy, a retail centre, warehouse and workshop areas. The new headquarters is almost double the size of its predecessor, and will be commissioned later this year.

The electrical installer and designer for the new office area was HWM Building Services Limited, of Cirencester, while the consultant to the developer was Ridge and Partners of Woodstock. Having taken into account all of the client’s needs and specifications, Ridge and Partners were quick to specify the use of CP Electronics’ controls in the office space.


Customised provision


In particular, the Vitesse Plus lighting control module (VITP-MB) and the MWS3A microwave presence/absence detectors were used to minimise energy use and fine-tune the lighting provision to its surroundings.

CP Electronics have different types of lighting control system, all are modular in nature and utilise simple connectivity, making them very flexible and easy to install. Vitesse Plus LCM can be used with daylight sensors, to maximise the use of natural light and ensure that energy is only used when it’s needed.

Vitesse Plus can be configured to work in various combinations, which gives installers exceptional flexibility. It is also available with dimming outputs to control 1-10V analogue or DSI/DALI ballasts, and CP Electronics can provide installers with structured wiring solutions on request.

The MWS3A microwave presence/absence detector is another great example of CP Electronics’ ability to provide tailor-made solutions, because its adjustable head allows users to customise the detection pattern and to fine-tune the sensor’s activity to its environment. Simple plug-in connections make it quick and easy to install, and an optional infrared remote handset allows users to override set-up on some models.


Satisfied customers


As might be expected from a market leader, the solutions provided by CP Electronics pleased customers at all levels of this project.

Milka Kerridge – Electrical Engineer at Ridge and Partners (Woodstock), consultants on the Kärcher build, commented, “CP Electronics products met the specification requirements and provided flexible and energy efficient lighting controls which helped meet the objectives of our client.”

For Tony Howard of HMW Building Services Limited, of Cirencester, another key benefit lay in the ease of installation and range of options that come with CP Electronics’ components; “The ability to configure the Vitesse Plus lighting control module in a range of combinations means that we can provide exactly what our client wants — and if the customer is happy, we are happy! The fact that CP Electronics’ products are so easy to install is another bonus, and helps the job to go quickly and smoothly.”

Perhaps most importantly of all, the end user is delighted with the outcome. “Kärcher is proud of being an active and involved part of the Banbury community, and of being an environmentally responsible company that acts upon its principles,” said Mark Venner – COO of Kärcher UK & Ireland. “Using lighting components that can minimise energy use, without any compromise in performance, is an ideal solution for us and one that we are very pleased with.”


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