Rising energy costs combined with increasingly stringent industry standards and regulatory requirements are driving building owners and infrastructure managers to apply the latest thinking – and technology solutions – to improve their green credentials, and the value of their facilities.  As well as the compulsory regulatory requirements, BREEAM – a leading design and assessment methodology for sustainable buildings and LEED, the US Green Building Council, provide certification that can add value to an organisation’s assets.

Buildings are responsible for 17% of fresh water use, 33% of carbon dioxide emissions and 40% of total materials and energy consumed (DECC).  Tackling our fundamental efficiency challenges means tackling our buildings.

Intelligent design, the use of eco-friendly construction materials, the efficient use of natural resources and the proactive management of facilities all contribute to greener, smarter buildings.

The benefits of green buildings are compelling; up to a 9% reduction in annual operating costs, a 7.5% increase in the value of the building and a 6.6% improvement on the return on investment.  Furthermore, the benefits of compliance and lower operating costs are more attractive to potential – or incumbent – tenants, resulting in a 3.5% rise in occupancy.  The increase in rental demand means that rents can be increased by up to 3%.

Integrated power solutions specialist, Socomec, is committed to supporting customers in the pursuit of more energy efficient buildings.

Andrew Wilkinson, Regional Managing Director Socomec, comments; “It is vital that we address the world’s most critical energy issues in order to safeguard the future of our buildings.  The process of developing a smarter building starts with developing a depth of understanding about the way that it uses resource – and the way that those resources are managed.  The efficient management of energy costs starts with the accurate measurement and centralised monitoring of energy consumption, across the entire organisation.  At Socomec, we have developed an integrated range of solutions that combines the latest digital technology with the world of energy.”

Socomec’s aM&T hardware and software solutions, as well as support services, provide advanced energy management solutions for sites, buildings and processes enabling the complete and remote monitoring and control of electricity, gas and water usage.  Accurate energy monitoring and analysis via aM&T means that the network and maintenance systems can be optimised.

Wilkinson continues; “By developing an advanced understanding of sites, buildings and processes it is possible to build an accurate energy profile, increasing the lifespan of your equipment and guaranteeing continuity of service.  The creation of an energy performance database means that savings opportunities can be more easily identified and energy consumption – and, therefore, costs and carbon emissions – can be reduced.  Additional benefits include the ability to demonstrate compliance with the latest legislation, certifying your buildings and adding value to your assets.  By publicising this work, you also drive value for stakeholders.”

Using the very latest web technology, Socomec’s Vertelis software is an intuitive and scalable solution that is perfectly tailored to the evolving needs of site managers and occupants.  Accurate multi fluid consumption measurement, centralised data capture and analysis combined with results that are clearly displayed and easy to share, allows managers to perform truly effective diagnostics.  The result is that energy optimisation measures can be clearly identified and implemented – with significant cost savings of up to 30%.

Vertelis supports internal and external communication by providing customised, full-screen dashboards in key areas to inform, educate and ultimately drive behaviour.  Furthermore, Vertelis delivers an understanding of power usage and monitors power parameters in real-time – flagging anomalies immediately via email or SMS.

Socomec’s well-established instrumentation solutions – Countis and Diris – provide support to installations in terms of energy metering, power monitoring and power quality analysis for the most demanding infrastructures. 

COUNTIS E meters electric power consumption by loads, thereby enabling control and allocation of usage.  It is MID certified and communicates via RS485.

Besides metering functions, the new DIRIS A multi-function measuring stations monitor and optimise networks by alarm management, monitoring distribution parameters and the remote control of electrical devices.  They communicate via Ethernet and have temperature modules.

DIRIS N analyses the quality of the energy supplied in compliance with the criteria defined by standard EN 50160 and provides a detailed analysis of ‘pollution’ (for example, harmonic, inter-harmonic, transient, flicker effect…).

Completing the range, the DIRIS BCMS enables current, energy and power monitoring in Power Distribution Units or Remote Power Panels on up to 72 branch circuits.

To improve your building’s energy efficiency and reliability contact Alex Metcalfe, UK Sales Manager 07795 457089 / alex.metcalfe@socomec.com

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