PMA products are well known for their flexibility and simple installations. The PMA one-piece divisible system takes flexibility to a new and impressive level. Not only does it ensure easy accessibility throughout installation, it allows the conduits to be opened and closed in a longitudinal direction at any time.

Flexible products

Whilst the divisible conduits have the same core benefits as all PMA products: superior strength, resistance and endurance, the PPCOF and PACOF have the additional advantage of increased flexibility.

It is this that makes them the ideal solution for applications within machine building, plant construction, vehicle manufacturing and building construction – or any applications that may require the addition of new cabling in the future.

Save time and money

Another benefit of the divisible system includes the reduction in time and costs during repairs or further installations. Ease of access enables trouble-free retrofitting and eliminates the need for time consuming and costly re-wiring or re-threading during repairs.

Divisible fittings

The PMA divisible range includes LNO connectors and LN divisible lock nuts, which are made from high grade, specially formulated polyamide 6 and free from halogens and cadmium.

The connectors offer high impact resistance and easy installation: conduits can be installed prior to closing, and a push-in installation of the conduit into a pre-installed fitting is achievable.

The new system has revolutionized the installation of cable protection, providing easy accessibility via a longitudinal clip mechanism which may be opened at any time. The new ‘T’ and ‘Y’ connectors exhibit the same advantage whilst expanding the range of applications to which the system is suited.

The PMA divisible system is compatible with all products. Further details can be found on the PMA product pages or you can download the specification sheets below:


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