Rittal has now rounded off its new range of enclosure lights with two new versions of its LED system lights. The first series of lights specially developed for enclosures is available with 600 and 400 lumens of light output (luminous flux), as well as in 1200 and 900-lumen versions. This means that Rittal can now offer correct solutions for small housing and large enclosure systems.

The new LED system lights from Rittal have been specially adapted for use in enclosures, where they ensure ideal illumination. With a luminous intensity of 1,200 and 900 lumens, even large enclosures up to 1,200 mm wide and 2,200 high are perfectly illuminated with the Rittal LED system lights. Now lights with 600 and 400 lumens are also available for control and switchgear manufacturers, should they require lower light output in smaller enclosures. For instance, the version with 600 lumens of light output meets the standard requirements for the large TS 8 enclosure while the 400-lumen lights meet those for wall-mounted enclosures, such as the Rittal AE compact enclosure series.

An optical cover made of transparent plastic, in which a Fresnel structure is integrated, serves to optimally illuminate the enclosure. It focuses the light so that the entire enclosure, even at the bottom, is illuminated in a targeted way. This means that the light reaches exactly those places where it is needed – without being scattered into the exterior. In addition, all the lights have been designed for the wide-range voltage input (100 – 240 V AC) and can therefore be used all over the world. Rittal therefore offers a light that is suitable every market. This cuts storage costs and reduces complexity when selecting products.

The lights can be adapted to any type of installation, i.e. they can be fitted either vertically or horizontally in the enclosure section. The lights can be mounted quickly and easily just by clipping them into the TS 8 enclosure section. Optionally, they can also be screwed into the section. The use of a universal bracket aids rapid assembly in AE compact enclosures. Rittal also offers suitable accessories, such as door-operated switches and through-wiring for bayed suites for all the LED system lights.

Further information at www.rittal.co.uk or call on 01709 704000