Network Security Systems Europe (NSSE) was formed in the early 90’s to offer both comprehensive IT systems and power protection solutions – mainly Uninterruptible Power Supply systems (UPS).

As the company grew, it became clear that power protection was where NSSE was starting to sit naturally in the marketplace and a milestone decision was made to specialise in this area rather than simply offer generic IT solutions.

Having taken that first step, we made a conscious choice to work alongside just a select few of the world’s leading UPS manufacturers. In doing so, it allowed us as an independent organisation, to provide an impartial, specialist service for our clients offering exceptional products and services.

25 years later, we are one of the UK’s leading power protection specialists. From UPS and Generators, to racks, cabinets, PDU’s and cables, we offer the complete power protection and emergency standby solutions for our clients. Our experienced technical team offer a fast response and second to none customer service experience and bring the latest products and services to the market at very competitive costs.

We are focused and committed to total customer satisfaction 100% of the time.

We work with electrical contractors and M&E consultants in addition to providing solutions directly to our reseller and end user clients. Our installations and service team, together with a small number of carefully selected partner suppliers, ensures that our supply chain is as effective and efficient as we can possibly make it.

We do not offer every solution on the market; we offer the best solutions on the market.

Your emergency power strategy is of paramount importance

Power failure can mean downtime, reduced productivity, irrecoverable data and sometimes, immeasurable lost revenue. Unfiltered electricity can mean disturbances for system operations and processes and even damage to sensitive electronic equipment.

Fundamentally, the job of a UPS system is to provide a clean, regulated power supply to your critical load (connected equipment) and act as an emergency back-up power source in the event of a mains power failure.

The UPS will protect your load from power surges, spikes and other common mains power issues. In the event of a power failure, it will seamlessly take up the load and keep your equipment up and running. Once the power is restored, the UPS automatically stands down and recharges its batteries in readiness to be called upon again.

The UPS prevents hardware damage typically caused by surges and spikes.

It prevents data loss and corruption. Without a UPS, data stored on devices that are subjected to a hard system shutdown may become corrupted or even lost completely. In conjunction with power management software, a UPS can facilitate a graceful system shutdown.

It enables continuity of business and availability for networks and other applications in the event of a power failure. UPS systems can also work in conjunction with generators where a longer run time is required.

Why Choose NSSE?

With over 25 years’ experience dedicated solely to providing and supporting power protection products and services, NSSE are one of the UK’s leading, most trusted UPS and generator specialists.

One reason our clients entrust us with this responsibility is our vast experience and proven track record working in this industry. We afford them peace of mind and security.

We act with honesty, integrity and long-term commitment. We inspire confidence in our clients, make them feel protected and in safe hands.

We believe in empowering our clients and helping them understand what it is we do rather than cloaking our business in a veil of secrecy. You can find a wealth of information via our Support page enabling you to better understand your requirements.

Our Portfolio

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) – for the home office to the largest datacentre applications.
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Support Contracts.
  • Intelligent software allowing monitoring & control of hardware plus management of IT virtual infrastructure.
  • In-rack power distribution with options for standard, metered, monitored and managed technology.
  • Cable solutions for all UPS, PDU and I.T. requirements.
  • Portable Generators, 2-8kVA.
  • Standby Generators, 10kVA-3mVA.
  • Engineering Services, site installations & commissioning.

Information on some of our recent installation can be accessed via our Case Studies page, why not see what some of our clients say about us here – we are also registered with Trust Pilot and are rated as Excellent.

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