In addition to a broad portfolio of luminaires for almost all purposes, R. Stahl draw on profound expertise regarding lighting issues as well as on explosion protection know-how. We are therefore able to provide comprehensive advice on application-specific light planning and lighting systems calculations. Users can greatly benefit from this qualified support, e.g. to learn the best ways to tap the huge savings potential of state-of-the-art LED technology.

In hazardous areas, light installations, replacements and maintenance are especially challenging, since only luminaires that are certified for use in these environments or have been especially protected for these applications must be installed. Retrofit solutions are usually unsuitable, because conventional explosion-proof linear luminaires featuring “increased safety” (Ex e) or “non-sparking” (Ex nA) type of protection may not be operated with LED retrofit luminaires. Moreover, energy-efficient upgrades must meet the criteria laid down in the lighting guidelines:

  • DIN EN 12665
  • DIN EN 12464-1 and 2
  • DIN EN 1838 (emergency lighting)

R. STAHL provides planners and plant operators with the professional ezyLum software tool, which enables an exact mapping of the room geometry, including relevant areas and objects. Soon, it will be possible to download a flyer that contains the description/ (instruction) of the light planning. This facilitates a precise determination of the placement, required light distribution and luminous flux of luminaires. By comparing characteristics such as power consumption, lifespans and maintenance intervals, users can identify a lighting concept with a perfect purchase, maintenance and operating cost profile. To ensure the required illumination, a qualified lighting calculation must include not only the illuminance (lx), but also further characteristics such as the luminous flux specified in lumen (lm), the luminaire efficiency (lm/W), the luminous flux per solid angle unit (cd), the beam angle and glare factor (UGR) as well as the colour rendering.

By request we provide you an individual lighting concept. Please  email enquiries@rstahl.co.uk or call 01217676400 for more information.

For further information about R.Stahl’s lighting campaign, please visit  http://www.stahl-explorers.com/gb-en/ or click here to watch the latest EXPlorers episode.