Wiring accessories and consumables specialist, Niglon, has launched the Premium Edge S range, offering a new a high quality, stylish and competitively priced option for sockets and switches that complement contemporary interior design trends.

The move reflects increasing attention to detail in the specification of wiring accessories to complement interiors, with a design that pairs a brushed chrome plate and rockers with grey socket inserts for a high-end, unobtrusive look. The result is a classic range that co-ordinates effortlessly with light fixtures and door handles whilst complementing current trends for grey furniture, paintwork and wall coverings.

Explains Paul Dawson, commercial director at Niglon: “Last year saw Niglon launch seven new wiring accessories ranges, totalling more than 500 individual products, from a white moulded offering to a comprehensive grid range.

“For us, new product development is a continuous process and, with Premium Edge S, we have opted to add to the choice we offer at the luxury end of our wiring accessories portfolio by creating a range that offers attention to detail in both aesthetics and functionality while still offering attractive pricing. It’s a design and pricing strategy that makes Premium Edge S very accessible to contractors and provides a great upselling opportunity for wholesalers too.”

Boasting a slim, sleek design with softly rounded corners, the Premium Edge S range from Niglon has been designed with an integral moisture protection gasket and faceplates manufactured from stainless steel. All rockers have a metal to metal design with no visible plastic, ensuring a seamless, high quality aesthetic that is usually only associated with the most exclusive wiring accessory brands. The grey inserts on all sockets complement this attention to detail in the styling and deliver super high-end look.

In addition to offering luxury looks, the Premium Edge S range from Niglon has also been created with a number of added value features.  Smart USB charge points are included within the range which detect the charging device and adjust the current, switching to standby when the device is fully charged and protecting it in the event of an overload. Where on status indicators are included in the unit, they are flush to the faceplate and utilise LEDs, providing a discreet glow to continue the unobtrusive theme of the design.

The Premium Edge range offers ease of installation too, with modular 10AX switches enabling ease of reconfiguration on site without the need for a full grid system and an edge to edge gasket to prevent tarnishing of the unit due to moisture penetration from damp plaster or screeds on site.

Paul adds: “Our approach to market is to offer a wide range of wiring accessories at competitive prices so that the wholesaler has a variety of options to offer their customer and the contractor can always find the right product for any project within our portfolio.

“The Premium Edge S is our most design-led, highly specified range yet, using high quality components and offered with a 20-year guarantee. However, like the whole Niglon range, it still offers excellent value for money as well as wide-ranging end user appeal.”