In light of the recent changes in lighting legislation, leading electrical wholesaler Newey & Eyre has launched its latest LED solutions guide that offers contractors an extensive range of cost effective and energy efficient LED products to choose from.

The guide includes everything from LED battens, panels, floodlights and strips, to a range of retrofit lamps that can be quickly and easily installed in domestic and commercial properties alike. 

James Harding, category manager for lighting at Newey & Eyre, comments: “We have tested numerous LED products and rigorously checked our supplier’s credentials to ensure that the new range truly reflects the best value for money in the market, whilst offering a true like-for-like retrofit product for every application. 

“LED technology has changed the face of traditional lighting and can now offer savings of up to 96 per cent, with lifetimes extended by up to 18 times those of traditional products.  This means that contractors can simply fit and forget LED products, safe in the knowledge that their customers will be saving energy and reducing their overheads long into the future.”

“Therefore our customers can trust us to reduce their risk when choosing LED products, ensuring quality and reliability from manufacturers who will be there to support warranties in years to come.”

For further information on Newey& Eyre call 0800 783 6909 or call into any local branch. Alternatively, Newey& Eyre offers the additional facility to order online via Neweys Online, simply visit  Orders can also be placed online up to 8pm for the items to be collected next day from any Newey& Eyre location.