Thanks to advancements in the LED market, the latest models have left traditional fluorescent lighting lagging far behind when it comes to energy performance and longevity. In fact, the new generation of LED panel lights from leading manufacturer Lumilife could cut a building’s energy use from lighting by up to 45%[1] compared to conventional fluorescent alternatives – and will last up to three times longer.

Inefficient fluorescent tube and tray lighting is an all-too-familiar sight in offices, retail units, schools and hospitals alike – and has become the antiquated norm in non-domestic buildings across the UK. However, with electricity prices continuing to rise and carbon reduction targets demanding a cut in emissions across the board, these buildings are under increasing pressure to upgrade their outdated and wasteful lighting systems. Now, new developments in LED panel lighting technology have provided the commercial and industrial sector with a quick, cost-effective and long-term solution.

Retrofitting for savings

Designed to provide the highest light quality whilst using significantly less electricity than traditional tube and tray lighting, Lumilife LED panel lights from LED Hut Trade are ideal as a retrofit replacement. As well as helping buildings cut costs and emissions without compromising on light quality, functionality or ambience, these LED panels also work seamlessly with existing fittings – making them straightforward and cost-effective to integrate.

This has opened up a huge retrofit opportunity for anyone involved in specifying or fitting lighting systems in non-residential buildings. Sized for use in suspended ceiling applications or recesses – and also suitable for surface-mounting onto conventional ceilings or walls – the Lumilife LED panel range offers a simple and unobtrusive way to reduce a building’s energy output instantly. The panels offer consistently bright light and boast an impressive long lifespan (around 25,000 hours of use), and because of their hardwearing resilience, they virtually eliminate the need for costly maintenance or replacements. There is also a range of ancillary options available for even greater installation flexibility – including dimmable and DALI drivers and a UK-manufactured emergency power pack.

The smart long-term choice

What’s more, because of their long life and unrivalled energy performance, once installed LED panel lights will not only continue to deliver significant ongoing savings for many years to come, but will also very quickly pay for themselves. Recent calculations based on the size and energy usage of a small (210-pupil) community primary school show that simply swapping existing fluorescent tube and tray lighting for retrofit LED alternatives could cut overall electricity usage by more than 43%, with payback in just two years.[2]

The full range of Lumilife LED panel lights is now available at LED Hut Trade – the UK’s leading online LED retailer. Available in two outputs (20W and 40W), with a choice of sizes, they are backed by a five-year guarantee. Thanks to an extensive 26,000 sqft UK-based warehouse facility, trade customers also benefit from extensive stock holding and market-leading next-day delivery – and can rely on continued competitive pricing. Local customers can also make the most of LED Hut’s Click and Collect service – with orders placed online before 3pm available for collection from the company’s warehouse in Middleton, Greater Manchester on the same day.

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[1] Based on replacing x4 standard 18W T8 fluorescent tubes and ballast with a 40W Lumilife LED panel and driver

[2] Estimated electricity saving 43.3% and estimated payback period 1.95 years (excludes installation costs). Based on swapping 122 fluorescent tube lights and trays for LED tube and panel lights; daily usage of 10 hours; lighting cost estimated at approximately 70% of overall electricity bill