Wall mounted Photocell

There has been much discussion in the press about what should be done with retails lighting during the middle of the night. Should the UK Government follow the French example and require the lights to be off between a certain times?

At BEG, we have left politics out and stuck to our philosophy of providing simple ways of saving energy and reducing emissions. We have altered our CDS T SM photocell so that it can be easily set up to provide a simple forced off function with one press of the (F) button on the remote control. By pressing the Forced Off (F) button the connected lights will remain of between 1 am and 6am, thereby saving energy.

This surface mounted photocell has an inbuilt calendar function (DD/MM/YY), which allows you to set up different times for different days, such as weekends and days of the week. You can also compensate for the Summer and Winter time, which allows for smooth running with no resetting in March and October!

This product is now sold complete with the remote control, which allows for easy and safe changing of the parameters. 

The product is ideal for shops signage, such as car showrooms has been used at many of the leading German car showrooms.

Luxomat ® PICO

Introducing the new compact and waterproof (IP65) ceiling-mounted occupancy detector LUXOMAT® PICO-M 1C, from BEG (UK) Ltd.

The sensor and power supply are in a single housing, complete with cable with a ring diameter 25mm and 60mm body length. So this makes it easy to install directly into light fittings, and assembly is made even easier with the enclosed cable clamp.

It has a circular detection area with a range of 10m and is supplied with blinds to reduce the pick up area if needed.

With the remote control IR-PD-1C many functions can be set from the ground such as setting the lux and run on time settings.

The unit is ideal for non-corrosive light fittings and areas such as shower pods and wash down areas, where high Ingress Protection is required.

For more than 35 years the family company BEG has developed innovative solutions for intelligent building automation. The product portfolio of B.E.G. contains motion and presence detectors, KNX/EIB- and DALI / DSI appliances, lighting and lamps, light sensors and SMS Control, emergency lighting and illuminated signs and timers. The latest development of the company is the B.E.G. SMARTHOME family, a radio-based control system for the intelligent home. Our products are availabel for sales through your local electrical wholesaler

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