Along with our regular content, September sees the return of our competition page, with Newey & Eyre offering one lucky reader the chance to win an exclusive racing day – page 30.

Also this month sees the latest addition to our range of supplements with this issue focussing on UPS & Standby Power. Power shortages and the risk of powercuts are becoming increasingly pertinent to modern businesses, with heavy financial consequences resulting from sustained down-time periods.

As a result UPS systems are playing an evermore prominent role within the modern and progressive business. In our September supplement we look at how businesses can best prepare for the energy shortfall that the UK is likely to experience in the next few years. In addition, rising power costs are an increasing concern for businesses, so we also look at how the correct specification of a UPS system can help businesses save power – and therefore money.

In the context of the modern environment, we also take a look at how important it is that those who are managing critical power supplies in electrical, data centre, ICT and networking arenas, are flexible in order to combat the growing uncertainty that is inherent within the critical power industry.

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