At the recent Lux Live event in London, Thorn Lighting launched a turnkey energy consultation service to help reduce carbon emissions within the lighting industry.

Rising energy costs are crippling many businesses financially in an already challenging economic climate – this teamed with the use of inefficient old technologies and pressures from stakeholders are forcing many businesses to address energy consumption and re-evaluate their carbon footprint, particularly in relation to lighting.

Starting with a comprehensive energy audit, the Thorn Energy Solutions team can take full ownership of the energy refurbishment, offering design strategies, highlighting the financial incentives, funding opportunities and return on investment calculations. The second stage is for a team of trained Thorn Energy Solutions project managers and installers to deliver the full solution, including the commissioning of integrated control systems, supplying the correct product specification and developing an on-going maintenance strategy.

Accounting for roughly 19% of total world energy use, lighting is a major source of energy consumption but also offers a significant opportunity to reduce energy usage. Between 2010 and 2011, wholesale energy costs rose by a staggering 66.6% and it is widely accepted that energy costs are to continue rising by a further 20%.

“As the cost of energy continues to rise year on year, it’s worth knowing that businesses investing in the latest technology can reduce energy consumption by up to 82%.” Said Nick Clark, sales director of Thorn Energy Solutions.

“Thorn Energy Solutions offers organisations the opportunity to assess their entire lighting infrastructure and work more effectively to choose the best technology to reduce energy costs and the total cost of ownership.”