A standby diesel generator from Dieselec Thistle has been supplied to Gatwick Airport’s aprons and runways to ensure they remain safe for aircraft during taxiing, take-off and landing.

The 350KVA generator will provide back-up power for the surface water pumps which are used to ensure that any excess water is drained off the runway into on-site ponds around the airport. Designed to start immediately in the event of a mains power failure, the generator will ensure that business critical operation of the pump systems continue without interruption to avoid any potential disruption to airport services

Managing director of Dieselec Thistle, Paul Moore, comments, “Business continuity is particularly important in the aviation sector as any business interruption might not only have a significant snowball effect on services but could also endanger the safety of passengers and air crew. The apron and runway surface water pump system is just one element of airport infrastructure that needs reliable back-up power supply and we have the expertise to ensure that the correct specification is in place at Gatwick.”