The Megger DET2/3 high performance earth tester supports a comprehensive range of methods for measuring earth electrode resistance and soil resistivity. It delivers accurate results even in challenging applications such as those involving large and complex earth systems. Despite its exceptional versatility, the DET2/3 is easy to use, thanks to its excellent error detection capabilities and a large colour display that shows detailed test information in both numerical and graphical formats.

Suitable for a very wide range of applications from making accurate measurements on communications earth systems to carrying out archaeological and geological investigations, the DET2/3 can be used for tests in line with BS 7340 (earthing/grounding), BS-EN-62305 (lightning protection), BS-EN-50122-1 (railway applications) and IEEE Standard 81.

The DET2/3 provides earth measurement over a single continuous range from 0.001 O to 20 kO with a resolution of 1 mO. Test frequencies from 10 Hz to 200 Hz in steps of 0.5 Hz are supported and an automatic frequency selection feature that ensures tests are carried out at the frequency with the lowest noise level. Test frequency, test current and filtering can also be adjusted manually to optimise results in particularly adverse conditions.

Live display traces are provided during measurements, graphically showing the amount of noise in the earth system under test. For expert earth test engineers, this is a powerful diagnostic tool.

The instrument’s large internal memory allows immediate calculation of resistivity using the Wenner or Schlumberger methods, and can also store more than a full day’s test results. The results can subsequently be downloaded to a USB flash drive or directly to a PC running PowerDBTM  software.

The new DET2/3 supports two-, three- and four-pole earth resistance measurements, as well as three- and four-pole ART (attached rod technique) measurements, and stakeless measurements. Bidirectional continuity and bond testing are supported without the need to reconnect the test leads, along with lead-nulling facilities for lead resistance up to 10 O.

To ensure durability even in tough on-site operating conditions, Megger’s new DET2/3 earth resistance tester features rugged construction and IP65 ingress protection. It is powered by an internal rapid-recharge Li-ion battery that, when fully charged, will last for a full day of tests in typical operating conditions. The instrument can also be powered from a standard 12 V vehicle supply.

To complement the versatile DET2/3, Megger offers an extensive range of ancillary items, which include cable reels with spikes, continuity test cables and clips, and a durable water-resistant bag that will hold a full complement of accessories.