The recently refurbished Twickenham branch of Edmundson Electrical is now benefiting from increased energy efficiency as a result of energy saving controls supplied by CP Electronics, the UK’s leading lighting controls manufacturer.

Microwave and PIR presence detectors control the lighting at Edmundson Electrical, ensuring automatic adjustment of lighting, in turn, reducing wasted energy.

CP Electronics supplied Edmundson Electrical standalone detectors and its flexible Vitesse Modular lighting connection system to provide energy savings in the offices, canteen and rest rooms.

As the name suggests, Vitesse Modular relies on a modular design which means modules are simply added as and when they are needed.

Edmundson Electrical chose two-channel switching options which are ideal for installations that have essential and non-essential supplies.

The EBDSPIR-PRM-2CH two-channel compatible compact ceiling mounted PIR detectors selected for the installation are compact and can be mounted either flush into a ceiling tile or using a surface mounting box. The low-profile design means the unit can be mounted in a narrow ceiling void and no external control boxes are required as the unit is self-contained.

The MWS3A, CP’s ceiling mounted microwave detector, provides sensitive presence/absence detection in Edmundson Electrical’s warehouse, as the detector has a unique adjustable sensor head to allow for precise detection.  By changing the angle of the head, different detection patterns can be achieved to suit the specific application.  Integral sensitivity adjustment also allows the detector to be fine-tuned to its environment.

Edmundson Electrical now has complete control of its lighting system, which can either be set to general automatic detection or, should changes need to be made, manual programming of each specific area. CP Electronics products were the preferred choice as they offered a flexible and reliable lighting control system that provides maximum energy savings.

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