Legrand has completely overhauled its Zucchini low power busbar trunking portfolio in order to enhance its quality and functionality, while also making it easier to stock, order and install.

The overhaul comes in the form of LB Plus – a one product solution that replaces Zucchini’s LB, HL and SL ranges and covers all lighting and small power distribution needs from 25A to 63A.

LB Plus is a quality, small power busbar that gives customers a choice of rating, configuration and robustness, while its clever design means that common tap-offs, feed units and accessories are compatible with all bars. These common accessories significantly reduce the amount of part numbers and improve flexibility both during installation and refurbishment.

Steve Marr, marketing manager for Legrand’s power distribution division, said: “LB Plus is a product innovation designed to deliver benefits to a whole spectrum of stakeholders, from wholesalers all the way through to the end user.

“By replacing three ranges, including associated accessories, with just one, we’ve streamlined this element of the Zucchini offering to make every aspect of selling and working with it simpler than ever before. And what’s more the new design improves functionality, enabling power and lighting to be fed from the same busbar, while remaining as cost effective as the three ranges it replaces.”

The benefits of LB Plus go well beyond those presented by combining three former ranges into one – Legrand’s key aim being to deliver a product with market leading reach and functionality.

One of Legrand’s key objectives was to push the boundaries by offering a lighting busbar that stretches the market norm from 40A to 63A, and extends spanning capability to enable supports to be spaced as far apart as 7 metres.

Furthermore, the potential uses of the product have been enhanced thanks to the introduction of a metallic barrier for separation of circuits on the opposite sides of double sided bars. This offers enhanced safety within the higher specification busbar lengths.

Legrand has also introduced a wider range of tap-off plugs which are offered as standard in 10, 16 and 32A variations, and for the first time they feature clamp contacts and mechanical locks that facilitate safe supply for both lighting and power requirements.

“We’ve also taken great strides to ensure the integrity of the range’s IP55 rating during use, which is a common downfall of other lighting busbars that satisfy IP55 at the point of installation, but tend to fall short once tap-offs are unplugged and moved,” continued Steve Marr. “To achieve this all covers and gaskets are now retained rather than removable.”

LB Plus is also quicker, easier and cheaper to install thanks to the introduction of regular punches along the top section of the higher specification busbar length, which mean the product can be suspended with the simple use of an adjustable steel cable and without the need for a suspension bracket.

“As with any new product we have spoken to the target market at every stage of development and the feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive,” added Steve Marr. “I’m confident that this reaction will translate into sales success now that LB Plus has been launched.”

Zucchini is part of Legrand’s power distribution division. Its extensive busbar range provides solutions from 25A lighting through to 6300A high power distribution systems, and is used widely in industrial and commercial installations. These products are complimented by a comprehensive range of cast resin transformers that are available from 160KVA up to 16000KVA.

To find out more about Legrand’s power distribution division and its new Zucchini LB Plus range visit www.legrand.co.uk or call 0845 600 6266.