Without realising it, your office could be producing heat equivalent to that of 81,840 burning matchsticks over the course of an hour. With temperatures set to reach a scorching 29°C in parts of the UK this week switching to LED lighting is just one way in which workplaces can achieve a more comfortable temperature, whilst also saving on their energy bills.

On a large office floor with +100 traditional fluorescent tubes, the approximate heat generated would equate to 81,840 BTU. With 1 BTU being the equivalent of one burning match, imagine burning 81,840 wooden matches – approximately 2,154 boxes – per hour in the office. That’s a surprisingly large amount of heat generated and energy wasted.

According to the founder of leading LED bulb suppliers, LightRabbit and LEDLighs.co.uk, David Kennedy: ‘‘Offices can benefit in many ways by switching to LED lighting. Unlike incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LEDs stay cool to the touch and generate no heat, meaning that offices stay cooler.’’

Organisations can also benefit from reduced use of air conditioning; which substantially reduces electricity bills.  ‘‘Businesses have a responsibility to ensure that their employees are working in an environment that’s maintained at a comfortable temperature. And, of course, they have a corporate social responsibility to ensure that energy levels are reasonably reduced’’, added Kennedy. ‘‘Switching to LED lighting can be of great benefit; it reduces carbon footprint and energy bills, while ensuring that employees are working in a comfortable environment.’’