A new RF interlink base has been launched by Sprue Safety Products (under its BRK brand) for use with mains powered smoke and heat alarms in its range. It is quick to install and quick to link, thus saving installers time and money on projects and increasing overall productivity.

The RF base provides a wireless interlink between mains powered smoke and heat alarms and will transmit a radio frequency (RF) signal when the alarm attached to it senses smoke or fire. When another RF base receives this signal the attached smoke or heat alarm on that will also sound, eliminating the need for connection wires between each alarm.

Incorporating the ‘Push-Fit’ docking system, the base units are specifically designed to provide quick and easy installation of base unit to mains feed and for quick and easy connection of alarm to base unit.

Up to 50 alarms in a single building can be linked together in this way, minimising disruption to homeowners or property occupiers during installation, and also time spent on each job for the installer.

This system is particularly well suited when a building has undergone a refurbishment or extension. With the necessity for long interconnecting wires eliminated, there is no need for installers to lift floor boards and carpets and channel out walls to ensure the building is fire safe. RF bases can be fitted without the need for any re-decoration afterwards – which for tenants and homeowners is a real benefit.

The RF base features an identification coding system that prevents a group of properties from interacting with each other and causing nuisance alarms. The units themselves also incorporate the latest in lithium battery technology with built-in tamper-proof cells to provide a ten year life – even ensuring continuous protection in the event of a power failure.

The bases can be used with any BRK mains operated smoke and heat alarms in the 650, 670 and 680 series.

Sprue Safety Products