Fike has recently launched its TwinflexPro fire alarm control panels that include an integrated event log, a key switch control access facility, a range of delay functions and a convenient PC set-up option. The TwinflexPro panels have also achieved LPCB approval, thus meeting the requirements of relevant standards and normative documents.

The TwinFlex range has been developed for small and medium sized applications such as private hotels, guest houses and homes of multiple occupation (HMOs).

The new TwinflexPro panels allow detectors and sounders to share the same wiring, which simplifies installation and reduces costs. The new panels are available in 2-zone, 4-zone and 8-zone versions, with support for up to 32 devices per zone.

The panels also feature an integral data log that stores information for up to 500 alarm and fault events. The information can be recalled to the panel’s LCD display or downloaded to a PC, making it easy to investigate the sequence of events leading to alarm activations.

The new panels provide two monitored outputs that can be configured as conventional sounder circuits, a feature that makes the panels well suited for use when upgrading existing conventionally wired installations. A delay function is also incorporated, which can be applied to any output. Set-up can be performed either from the front panel or, for greater speed and convenience, via a standard PC.

TwinflexPro panels fully support Fike’s intelligent Twinflex protocol, allowing them to discriminate between alarm signals generated by automatic detectors and those produced by manual call points.

Fike Safety Technology