Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) has announced that its control technology will help improve efficiency and reliability at LUKOIL’s gasoline blending facility in Kstovo, Russia.

The company’s Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez refinery uses HPS’ Profit Blend Optimiser software, which is designed specifically for on-line blend reformulation and optimisation, allowing for efficient production of fuels to required specifications. LUKOIL is one of the leading primary crude oil processing companies in Russia.

“Profit Blend Optimiser, formerly known as OpenBPC, has a significant impact on quality control, improves process, and impacts on product processing costs at the LUKOIL’s facility,” said Alexander Rodionov, HPS head of sales in Russia. “It will help optimise the overall performance of a facility that is a key to meeting Russia’s growing need for production fuels.”

“We selected Honeywell Profit Blend Optimiser technology since this solution enables obtaining an optimal gasoline blending recipe at the station, Honeywell’s blend property control technology expands the functionality of existing control solutions and allows refinery  to achieve optimal gasoline blending recipes,” said Mikhail Shamanin, head of APC implementation Group, LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez. “The advantages of the solution are its flexible implementation, best-in-class functionality and expert consultative support by Honeywell personnel.”

LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez obtained a system for real-time blending recipe optimisation, which controls the process automatically using a flow analyser (IR spectrometer by Bruker) measuring the component and blend properties, APC virtual analysers and laboratory data enabling production of gasoline of a preset quality at minimum costs.