Yokogawa has added a new high speed data capture option to its WT1800 precision power analyser. This helps to increase the speed and accuracy of measurements of power parameters i.e. voltage, current, power, torque, speed and mechanical power with millisecond response.

This new option can capture numeric data on the change of status during one rotation of a motor when the motor is started, when the rotation speed changes, or when the load condition varies.

It transmits a block of data every second to an internal or external memory or to a PC. Every second, the WT1800 updates its displays with the previous one second of data.

The average characteristic is set using the cut-off frequency of the high speed filter for measured data during the 5ms or 1-100ms period. The cut-off frequency can be varied from 1Hz to 1kHz in 1Hz steps. Wiring configurations include single-phase for DC input, 3-phase 4-wire and 3-phase 3-wire (3V/3A).



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