Kewtech Corporation has recently launched its new KT63 Multifunction Tester that has been specifically designed for the UK and with the user in mind.

Offering 17th Edition testing, the new tester is simple to use and has a large illuminated display. Some of the benefits of the tester include a hands-free mode – during ‘dead’ testing the KT63 is constantly protecting against inadvertent connection to live circuits, so there are no ‘bangs’ and with the added benefit that in these functions the instrument can be set to continuously test in ‘hands-free’ mode.

Also available is high and low current loop testing. Loop testing can be carried out with options for either a low or a high current test, both with low susceptibility to noise and RCD uplift. The low current test should not trip any type of 30mA RCD and the high current test measures true impedance, which is important when the user is near a transformer. The PFC and PSC measurements are taken at the same time.

The RCD function tests 30-500mA RCDs and has a time saving auto-test feature which will automatically run through all six standard RCD tests whilst the user stands by and resets it each time it trips and then recalls the results.

Kewtech Corporation

T: 01494 792 212