Designed for real time industrial Ethernet applications, HMS Industrial Networks has introduced its new Anybus NP40 network processor which allows industrial devices to communicate over any industrial network and forms the core of HMS’s new CompactCom chip, brick and module concept.

The NP40 can support several different industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus networks by simply downloading new firmware. This reduces systems’ development time because there is no need for redevelopment for each additional network, allowing device manufacturers to simply install a communication interface into a product and then download the firmware they need before sending their products off to the end customer.

In use the NP40 exhibits virtually zero delay (in reality a few microseconds) in passing signals between the network and host API (ApplicationProgramming Interface). This makes it well suited for applications that require high level synchronisation or motion profiles.

The NP40 technology offers users the speed and accuracy they need for demanding applications, and the flexibility to adapt to different networks by simply downloading a new firmware. The solution is based on MicroSemi SmartFusion technology but integrates HMS’s blocks like the RTA (Real Time Accelerator) for industrial communication.

The Anybus NP40 is a single chip network processor that includes an ARM core and an FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) fabric. The ARM core runs the protocol and application stacks while the FPGA fabric is used to implement the various real time Ethernet interfaces.

A real time switch is integrated into the FPGA fabric and it supports synchronous cyclic messaging in real time networks such as PROFINET IRT, Powerlink, EtherCAT and Sercos III. Since the network processor is flash-based, it can be re-programmed for several different industrial Ethernet networks.

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